Your appointment will include a 20 - 30 minute consultation with the counsellor prior to your vasectomy operation.

You (and your partner if they accompany you) will have the opportunity to discuss all aspects of the vasectomy and its effects and clarify any queries you may have.

We recommend that all patients should fuly consider the alternatives to vasectomy especially long-term reversible forms of contraception which are available for women such as hormone implants and intra-uterine devices such as the copper coil and hormonal intra-uterine systems.

Arrangements for sample collection and post-operative care will also be explained.

Vasectomy will not solve marital or sexual problems. But it can help you enjoy sexual relations more—free from the fear of unwanted pregnancy. And it can be the right choice if the female partner does not want or cannot take birth control pills or use other forms of contraception.

You will be asked to sign the consent form, which had been sent to you beforehand prior to the operation; there is also a space on the form for your partner to sign, but this is not compulsory.