Making an appointment - Private Patients

Private patients can be assured that their operation will be carried-out personally by Dr Boone. Additionally, we will aim to be as flexible as possible with appointment times and availability. Private procedures are performed at our Hambrook Court Clinic, Bristol.


We accept self-referrals for private vasectomy which means you do not need to be referred by your GP. However, if you think your GP can add useful information regarding your past medical history or help shed light on your particular circumstances, then it is advisable to ask for a referral letter which your NHS GP should provide free of charge.


  • The total cost for a private vasectomy procedure including semen analysis is £895
  • Deposit at time of booking £100, payable by BACS 
  • If you wish to arrange a separate consultation prior to the operation itself the fee is £100, which will  be deducted from total cost of vasectomy if  you subsequently go ahead with procedure within 3 months


Rest assured that your vasectomy procedure is totally confidential and we will not disclose any of your details to anyone else without your consent. It is common practice for doctors to inform the patient’s GP with the results of the semen analysis confirming sterility. If you would prefer us not to communicate with your GP, please let us know at the time of your attendance or subsequently.

Please phone me on 07968 373 077 or complete the confidential email enquiry form below.


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