Everything was excellent and staff were amazing. Would highly recommend.


Tyson N. (Oct 2018)

The main reason I had the op was because of the positive feedback I was given from other friends. I had to get it done by the master, Dr Boone!!


Chris R. (Nov 2018)

Can't think of anything to say that would help you to improve your service as the service itself is first class. Thank you!


Andrew H. (Nov 2018)

From start to finish the service was professional but also friendly and kind.


Henry P. (Nov 2018)

I would like to say that both the counsellor and surgeon were brilliant at their roles

Anon. (Oct 2018)

Considering the sensitive nature of this operation the counsellor and surgeonhandled this matter perfectly. Thank you.

Jason G (Sep 2018)

Counsellor and Dr were amazing. Dr Boone was funny, chatty and put me at ease and his work was exemplary. No pain.


Simon P. (5 Sept 2018)

Thank you very much to all your professional and friendly team.. No pain.


Nedis M. (Nov 2017)

Dr Boone was great. Very calming/reassuring.


Michael S. (Sept 2017)

I was very pleased how the orocedure went. Also my partner who watched it was very impressed!


James G. (Aug 2017)

A very good surgeon! I found the procedure and recovery far less difficult than I expected with very little discomfort after. I found the whole experience to be very professionalfrom the first contact to arrange the appointment through to the counsellor and the very good surgeon who explained everything that was happening at every step. All in all, very happy with the whole experience.


Adian H. (Aug 2017)

The doctor was brilliant. Explained everything and made me feel at ease. Would recommend him to anyone. I was apprehensive but he reassured me in every way. Thank you.

Tom M. (Oct 2017)

The doctor was brilliant. Explained everything and made me feel at ease. Would recommend him to anyone. I was apprehensive but he reassured me in every way. Thank you.

Simon P. (5 Sept 2014)

I can think of little to improve the service I received. I was made to feel very at ease by all the staff; in particular Dr Boone was very good.

Nikolai J (5 Sept 2014)

I thought the whole service was excellent, the counsellor was very good, clear and empathetic. The doctor was very good, wonderful bedside manner, put me at ease, quick efficient operation. The literature provided was very good, self-explanatory and made me feel relaxed about having the procedure. Great service, excellent staff.

Chris S (5 Sept 2014)

Excellent service from appointment to procedure. Nothing to fault. Surgeon great! 

(August 2014)

The whole experience was dealt with exemplary competence and sympathy. Everyone involved was very good, not patronising, not glib – Informative and understanding. 

S.K. (August 2014)

Excellent session, set my mind at ease. 

Damian J (July 2014)

I found the counselling session very helpful indeed and thought the counsellor was excellent and very professional.

Rob L. (Aug 2014)

Dr Boone was really good and made me feel very relaxed and was very professional about the whole thing. I thought your surgery was very clean and tidy with a nice laid-back attitude. The counsellor was very nice and easy to talk to.

Lee M. (Aug 2014)

Staff were very helpful and made me feel very relaxed. I would highly recommend this process to anyone as all staff from walking through the door to leaving made me feel very welcome.

Gary S (Aug 2014)

As a bloke, I like that it was fast and didn’t make too much of a fuss about the whole thing.

Sam B (Aug 2014)

First class. Thank you.

Anthony M. (Aug 2014)

Excellent service 

Nicholas E-J. (Aug 2014)

Absolutely fantastic service throughout.

Richard F. (Sept 2014)

The counsellor was absolutely brilliant. We had a ‘chat’ full of laughter and humour. She was very professional and helped put me at ease. The doctor was excellent. The operation was pretty much pain free. I can’t thank the doctor and his team enough.

Lee W (July 2014)

Very good and very helpful. The bedside manner A1.

Martyn G. (July 2014)

Everyone should have one done! 

Tim R. (May 2014)

In my experience of having the vasectomy, I cannot fault any part of it. I just wish to thank everyone involved for such a professional service. Many thanks.

Dave J. (May 2014)

I was a little apprehensive about the procedure before, but I feel it was all dealt with very professionally and found the surgeon very good and put me at ease straight away. Thank you.

Andrew H. (April 2014)

The staff were fantastic. Couldn’t fault anything. Thank you so much.

Andrew K (April 2014)

Very swift and professional service. Thank you.

Jim H (March 2014)

Despite being slightly nervous on arrival, all fears were soon dispelled after the counselling session.  I think you provided an excellent service and don’t think the procedure could have gone any better.

Paul R (Mar 2014)

Counsellor: Extremely informative and made me feel more relaxed about the procedure.

Darren M (Feb 2014)

From start to finish excellent extremely relaxed and efficient – both the counsellor and the surgeon.

Andy O. (Jan 2014)

Counsellor knew her stuff – really helpful and professional; was a big help. From start to finish the whole process has been less stressful, worrying and uncomfortable than I had anticipated – thank you!

Simon A. (Jan 2014)

Dr Boone was excellent, his witty bedside manner eased my initial apprehension. In summary, the entire vasectomy process was very professional from start to finish. Thank you.

Nathan R. (Jan 2014)